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Analysing sensory data with R and SensoMineR. Presenters. Sébastien Lê, Marine Cadoret. Agrocampus Ouest, laboratoire de mathématiques appliqués. Hands on Analysis of Sensory data with SensoMineR and R SensoMineR and its sister package FactoMineR are completely free packages that contain a wide. We propose a new package for sensory data analysis, named SensoMineR. SensoMineR is implemented in the R programming environment.

an R package for analysing sensory data. of this package by entering the following in R: ibericadeoficios.comes("SensoMineR", repos="http://R-Forge.R-project. org"). Analyzing Sensory Data with R (S. Lê and T. Worch, Chapman & Hall/CRC The R I'm one of the co-authors of the FactoMineR and SensoMineR packages. Analyzing Sensory Data with R gives you the foundation to analyze and interpret sensory data. The book helps you find the most appropriate statistical method.

SensoMineR tackles the following problems: assessing panel performances. - characterizing products. - relating sensory data and instrumental data. - mapping . Description Statistical Methods to Analyse Sensory Data. SensoMineR: A package for sen- sory data analysis. S. Le and F. Husson ().