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Phalanx soul drinkers

Start by marking “Phalanx (Soul Drinkers, #6)” as Want to Read: The Soul Drinkers saga is one of Black Library’s long standing series, covering the trials of a space marine chapter who were loyal to the Emperor but fought the Imperium. Ben Counter, as well as making several. For six novels the Soul Drinkers have fought and died in the name of their beliefs, and in Phalanx their tale finally comes to an end, in fire but. Phalanx (Soul Drinkers) [Ben Counter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The next installment in the Soul Drinkers series. The Soul Drinkers.

The captured Soul Drinkers were brought aboard the ancient and massive starship, Phalanx, the mobile fortress-monastery of the Imperial Fists Chapter. The Soul Drinkers are a Renegade Space Marine Chapter. .. Escape, Daenyathos used the Predator's Eye warp gate within the Phalanx to release a daemon. The Soul Drinkers have been captured by the Imperial Fists, who intend to see them put on trial on the Phalanx, the Fists' vast space.

Phalanx. Author, Ben Counter. Publisher, Black Library. Series, Soul Drinkers. Preceded by, Hellforged. Released, The Soul Drinkers were a chapter of Space Marines descended from the .. Daenyathos intended Abraxes to take the Phalanx on a Daemonic. They are the subject of a series by novels by Ben Counter: Soul Drinker, The Bleeding Chalice, Crimson Tears, Chapter War, Hellforged, and Phalanx, which.