Indian independence quiz download

Indian independence quiz

Who was the Governor General of India when the first war of India's independence broke out in ? Lord Canning first session of the Indian National. Let's start the Independence Day Quiz. Remember to check the following pages for more questions related to this patriotic quiz. Indian. Quiz on Indian Independence Day - Play this interesting quiz to test your knowledge about Indian Independence history and National heroes in freedom struggle.

On 14th August (Just before midnight of Independence Day), Jawaharlal Nehru rose in the Constituent Assembly of India to deliver a very. In India and the rest of South Asia such individuals are often referred to as freedom fighters. The Indian Independence Movement consisted of. Questions related to Indian Independence Struggle is most common for all kinds of competitive exams. Take this History quiz and see how much you know about.

This is simple and easy Indian Independence Day Quiz with Answers. This is created for school students and children for the events of the. Proud to be an Indian? Test your knowledge on your country with this free quiz on India and her Independence day. Share it with your friends, and use it in. Which giant water body lies to the west of Chittagong?, The National Song sung by the revolutionaries was, the revolutionaries were members of, The l.