Prinergy refiner ppd mac download

Prinergy refiner ppd mac

Note: The Prinergy Refiner PPD file comes with the Prinergy Evo and copy the file to the following location on your Macintosh hard drive. Set up a PostScript printer to use the Prinergy Refiner PPD for creating a PostScript file Start the Mac Printer Setup Utility software located at. The Adobe Postscript Driver Configuration Tool ( allows you to configure Prinergy as print driver for use on your Windows XP PC.

THE PRINERGY PRINTER. OSX Prinergy Printer. Open Print Center from the Utilities Prinergy from the pop-up list. If you want to give this printer –. PostScript Printer Description (PPD) must be accessible to the layout application. A PostScript preferred PPD is the Prinergy Refiner. found in the OSX path. Mac users choose the print driver file named “” and begin its download. the location of the “Prinergy Refiner” PPD during the next step.

I would typically output Postscript files via the Prinergy Refiner PPD and Windows 7 without using the Prinergy Refiner to created Postscript. I just put in in the correct folder included in the text file for OS X root Library / Printers / PPDs / Contents / Resources /. It just showed up as. Step 2 for Mac OS X x (Mountain Lion): Adobe InDesign users: Navigate to PPD file named Prinergy Refiner inside this PPDs folder. Well, lets start with the Prinergy Refiner PPD. *Folder may be titled “ Applications (Mac OS 9)”. . on the vast majority of Macs on which they.