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* (C) Copyright NetUSE GmbH. * Kristian Koehntopp. * $Id:,v /08/10 richardarcher Exp $. HTML_Template_PHPLIB is the PEARified version of the once-so-famous PHPLIB template class. It provides variables and repeatable blocks. The original . Re: [Phplib-users] From: Layne Weathers - 26 > This solution is close to something I am Tring to figure out.

PHPLIB templates can grant you an amazing ability to abstract the manipulation of data (in the database as well as in PHP) from its final format. a diff to phplib mailing list) * * Normalised all comments and whitespace (rha) * replaced class Template { /** * Serialization helper, the name of this class. I'm having a problem with PHPLib Template Blocks. Here is the basic template libs/phplib/php/"; // create a template object.

John there are several ways top implement PHPLIB's classes into your site. There is the traditional ibericadeoficios.com3 and I prefer and will. I've been getting alot of email about Warning: Failed opening '' Be sure you follow the instructions on installing PHPLIB. Especially the part. How do you layout a web server with PHPLIB installed? . Requires that you add the statement require("") to ibericadeoficios.com3 or that you include it. in the phplib dir is a third party script wich we use without any changes. So this is no WB script. In the next version of WB this file is.