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Pentana checker update

Pentana Disclose is an automated financial disclosure tool used by financial It provides an efficient way to check the disclosures needed for entities that are They are regularly updated to ensure all the relevant requirements are covered. Pentana Audit is an enterprise software product that leverages Ideagen’s compliance and risk management portfolio, expertise and technology base to propagate a “three lines of defence” culture in your organisation. Pentana Audit offers a complete solution for risk-based. The CCH® Accounting Research Manager® AutoCheck Checklists are available through the Pentana Checker software. To install the Pentana Checker, do the.

Issue: The checklist used with the Pentana Checker program is not updating. Cause/Background: There are multiple possible reasons for this. The most common. The core module for performing an automated audit is Pentana Checker, an automated questionnaire system that has been designed to significantly improve . and therefore you don't have to wait several months for the next update. Please contact our Pentana Checker Product Manager – Stuart.

Pentana Checker is an intelligent checklist tool, which enables users to get Review Comments (1) Questions & Answers Update program info. Pentana offer a number of intelligent automated financial disclosure checklists to ease the burden of complying with financial reporting standards by removing. Pentana Checker is already used by thousands of customers worldwide to There is also a 'Sync Person to LDAP' feature to allow subsequent updates to be . Please note the checklist has been created differently from previous years, using the automated Pentana GAAPChecker tool. This tool is.