Cos.obj file download

Cos.obj file

But if you are not installed Turbo C on another location or if you moved the installed TC folder to another, then you have two choices to correct the path. or change the path of library directory to path of your (installed) library folder (Example: D:/Software/Turbo C/ TC/LIB). when I edit any c program in turbo c ,these program can be successfully complied but can't be linked. It display link error:Unable to open input file 'COS. OBJ'. Linker Error:Unable to open File This error is also due to the incorrect path of Library Directories. Default path for library is.

Click here to fix error in c and related errors. the link below. Save the file to your Desktop so that we can access the file easily. hi to all.. pls help me its urgent.. i m unable to understand the exact answer.. tell me step to be carried to set libraries or directory path so that i. sir please tell me what is file?is it contains the main declaration.

hi there whenever i write any program on my turbo c++ when i click on compile button then it says the file missing although having no. , printf ("\n\n\t\tP%d\t %d\t %d\t %d\t %d\t %d\t",p[curr_p].no,p[curr_p].at,p[ curr_p].bt,priority[curr_p],p[curr_p].tat,p[curr_p].wt);. while running my program iam getting the error unable to find file i copied the file in my project getting same. (it is Zero in the middle). is the startup module for small memory Assuming that you have TC in c:\TC folder, check whether the file is.