Minecraft story mode ps3 episode 3 wont download

Minecraft story mode ps3 episode 3 wont

However, the 2nd episode won't install, no matter how I follow the prompts. Whether it's from the episode menu, play menu, or just the market. So Episode 3 was just released. I've bought a season pass disc so i can download all the episodes when they come out. I just downloaded. I'm using iOS, and after I bought episode 3 and hit download, it didn't work. This is the subreddit for the Telltale Game, Minecraft: Story Mode. Releasing for PlayStation 3!, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox !, Wii U!.

Minecraft Story Mode - Episode 3: The last place you look (Game pack). Hi, we have an issue with episode 2 - having bought the disc version, we cannot Telltale games say they are aware of a problem with Sony PS3. So recently recieved a ps4 and Minecraft Story Mode season pass disc. Game plays Episode 1 played alright - my son was all smiles - finished it in 3 hours. 2. Chapter 3 of Episode 3 of Minecraft: Story Mode features several Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.

From Manage, so down to Minecraft Story mode using left stick, I selected Uninstall. try opening the PlayStation Store on your PS3, and search for Minecraft Story Mode. I really reallyy am tempted to just buy episode 3 digital download. tempted too!! but paid 50 already for the disk so will not spend. Get a new disk and play the game (You won't start all over again. This may cause a problem with the Episodes. then installed via PlayStation 3 home screen then changed back to my regular PSN account started story. Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3: The Last Place You Look,” ratchets up the the first two episodes but you won't have such problems this time around. Rating: out of 5; Cost: $25 for five episodes; PC, PS3, PS4, X