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Has anyone successfully deleted content from a Virtual Inbox in Horde? Comment When I look in the Mailenable Post Offices I. How do I print the content of an email message? How do I manage multiple POP3 or IMAP accounts from inside IMP? What is a Virtual INBOX. How to make a virtual view for all the incoming messages from several accounts, just Pop mail accounts can be set up to use a Global Inbox.

I am unsure if virtual inbox is the correct subject for this post, so I will explain what I am trying to do. I have set up an alias for a Bronze account. Virtual Inbox is a saved search that does away with the need to search every mailbox for messages marked as new. Instead, all currently subscribed mailboxes. Virtual Inbox. In Template Designer (Review & Activate tab) or Mailing Designer ( Review & Send tab), users can initiate Virtual Inbox tests to see how their.

My Virtual Inbox Process. Published on May 21, in Going Paperless: Tips for Using Evernote to Go Paperless with Your FamilyFull resolution ( × ). I have a (large) number of mail folders on my IMAP server. I don't want to check them all for new mail. I have half a dozen or so that I want to.