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Jnaerator studio

While JNAerator is mainly a command-line-based tool, it also contains a limited GUI that's ideal for simple quick generation. JNAeratorStudio is a limited GUI front-end for JNAerator. JNAerator is a tool that aims at industrializing the use of JNA and Rococoa. JNA & Rococoa open wide the doors of C & Objective-C libraries to the Java world. To build JNAerator, run the following commands: git clone git://ibericadeoficios.com /ibericadeoficios.com cd nativelibs4java cd libraries/jnaerator.

JNAerator Studio Olivier Chafik JNAerator: Java gets to love native libraries! JNAerator Studio: wrap C and Objective-C libraries in Java. I want to use JNAerator to generate the Java wrapper of some C++ API functions for JNA. The Problem is that I can't use JNAerator Studio or. Download JNAerator Studio for free. JNAerator Studio - With this program you can bring native libs to Java.

JNAerator Studio. With this program you can bring native libs to Java. JNAerator Studio lets Java programmers access native libraries. JNAerator - Native C / C++ / Objective-C libraries come to Java! Parses Visual Studio solutions and knows about standard compilers and include paths. JNAerator CLI and Studio Tools» JNAerator (pronounce "generator") simply parses C and Objective-C headers and generates the corresponding JNA and. I created a very simple GUI to play with JNAerator.